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Meathead: Dick Smoker Plus

  1. Meathead - Large Amerikan Jaw
  2. Cop Shoot Cop - Schweinhund!
  3. Cop Shoot Cop - Schweinhund! (Meathead Mix)
  4. Meathead - Large Amerikan Jaw (Cop Shoot Cop Mix)
  5. Meathead - Dick Smoker (Wet Mix)
  6. Meathead - Outta My Face
  7. Meathead - Dick Smoker (So Full of Shit)
  8. Meathead - Loser

This extended EP not only contains the entire original "Dick Smoker" single but it also has the last Cop Shoot Cop track ever written prior to their breakup. The first half of the EP consists of a single original track by Cop Shoot Cop and Meathead and remixes of each others respective tracks. The second half of the EP consists of tracks that first appeared on the "Dick Smoker" single available only as an import from Sub/Mission Record in Italy. Musically this EP is all over the place. It ranges from the very traditional guitar, drums, bass of CSC to club remixes almost totally devoid of a guitar. If you are either a CSC or Meathead completist you will want to pick up this EP which has tracks that appear nowhere else. Otherwise you might simply want to acquire it for the sheer novelty value.

Meathead is
Mauro Teho Teardo - vox, sampler, guitar - bass
Steve - backing vocals, sampler
Matt - drums, metals

Cop Shoot Cop is:
Tod A. - bass guitar
Phil Puleo - drums
Natz - bass guitar
Jim Coleman - sampler

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, DC 20044
(202) 783-0044


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