Meat Beat Manifesto: Actual Sounds & Voices

  1. Everything's Under Control
  2. Prime Audio Soup
  3. Book of Shadows
  4. Oblivion/Humans
  5. Lets Have Fun
  6. The Tweek
  7. Acid Again
  8. Let Go
  9. Where Are You?/Enuff
  10. Hail To The Bopp
  11. 3 Floors Above You
  12. Funny Feeling
  13. The Thumb
  14. Wavy Line
  15. Wildlife

Although, I am in the minority of those who enjoyed the change of musical direction Jack Dangers took on "Subliminal Sandwich", I still agree with my assessment. On his new album "Actual Sounds & Voices", Jack continues down the same musical path. The classic funk and groove are everpresent throughout the entire album. As usual, Jack sings on only a handful of tracks including 'Oblivion/Humans', instead focusing on the music. The usual variety of obscure samples from old education records show up on 'Tweek' to satirize the music writer profession. Jack even pokes a little fun at astronomy on 'Hail to the Bopp'. My favorite track has to be 'Lets Have Fun' which starts with a thick analog bassline and cymbals and builds into a frenzy of drums and moody keyboards. Jack Dangers is one of the few electronic music pioneers that can so effectively trap soul into his music thereby making "Actual Sounds & Voices" one of my favorite albums of 1998.

Meat Beat Manifesto is Jack Dangers:

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