Meat Beat Manifesto: Original Fire

  1. Helter Skelter ('97) 6:51
  2. It's The Music 6:38
  3. I am Electro 5:33
  4. I am Organic 3:40
  5. Radio Babylon 6:22
  6. I Got The Fear (Pt. 5) 7:56
  7. Asbestos Lead Asbestos (Toxic Mix) 7:33
  8. It's The Music (Mix 2000) 5:00
  9. Radio Babylon (Luke Vibert Mix) 5:06
  10. Radio Babylon (Beach Blanket Bimbo Land) 13:06

"Original Fire" is the brand new maxi-CD which compiles a collection of both recent and reworked Meat Beat Manifesto singles. Apparently Nothing Records determined that it wasn't economically feasible to release a domestic version of the 'It's the Music', or' Asbestos Lead Asbestos' singles that are available on Europe on Play It Again Sam. Instead they choose to take the best tracks from those singles along with a handful of of both original and heavily remixed early MBM material. The end result is a decade of classic MBM material that spans the musical gambit of Jack Dangers career. If I was forced to choose the best track it would either be the original version of 'Radio Babylon', which is consider by many to have been the very first jungle track, or 'Helter Skelter 97' which is an updated version of an MBM club staple. Jack Dangers is just one of those musicians who seems to be able to make music that stands the test of time and it sounds great whether it was recorded ten years ago or just yesterday.

Meat Beat Manifesto is Jack Dangers:

Nothing Records
10900 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 1230
Los Angeles, CA 90024

E-mail: nothing@nothingrecords.com

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