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Meat Beat Manifesto: Subliminal Sandwich

Disc 1 :

  1. Sound Innovation 2:18
  2. Nuclear Bomb 6:12
  3. Long Periods Of Time 4:33
  4. 1979 5:25
  5. Future Worlds 4:56
  6. What's Your Name ? 2:47
  7. She's Unreal 4:10
  8. Asbestos Lead Asbestos 6:22
  9. Mass Producing Hate 3:01
  10. Radio Mellotron 1:07
  11. Assasinator 5:22
  12. Phone Calls From The Dead 3:13
  13. Lucid Dream 2:09
  14. Addiction 4:07
  15. No Purpose No Design 2:18
  16. Cancer 4:34
  17. Transmission 4:09
  18. We Done 2:07

Disc 2 :

  1. Set Your Receivers 0:23
  2. Mad Bomber / The Woods 10:16
  3. The Utterer 6:51
  4. United Nations (E.T.C.) 4:05
  5. Stereophrenic 13:03
  6. Teargas 0:38
  7. Plexus 3:29
  8. Electric People 14:03
  9. Tweekland 7:55
  10. Simulacra 8:21

Jack Dangers returns from a several year hiatus with a double length albums worth of material with not a single moment wasted in the entire 150 minutes. The first disc consists of all of the material you might expect from someone whose time off occurred at the same juncture as the birth of trance music. Heavily layered loops, enveloped by documentary style samples, all of which pulsate around Mr. Dangers unique lyrical style. Some fans might be discouraged by the sudden change in style, from his past work on "Satyricon" and "100%", but as is readily apparent, Jack simply is not content to keep his music consistent or boring. The second disc ventures more into the ambient realm, yet doesn't abandon the existence of a beat, as is popular with most minimal ambient styles of music. Here is where the influence of bands like Scorn and Coil who Jack has done remixes for in the past become evident. A few tracks even begin to use long drawn out atmospheric loop structures punctuated by even more obtuse appropriate vocal samples. This album marks for the first time, my ability to readily consume Jack's music which either marks his ability to lure in his listeners or my openmindedness for the new and innovative style on this album. Meat Beat Manifesto is Jack Dangers:

Nothing Records
10900 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 1230
Los Angeles, CA 90024


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