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Max M Corporation

  1. CD-ROM Graphic Novel
  2. TeleDildonics
  3. CyberWorld #2
  4. A Day On The Net
  5. Four Hundred Years A Bumm
  6. The Rookie Space Cadet
  7. CyberChrist
  8. 21'st Century Demons
  9. Version X
  10. Survivors At L5
  11. Labeled As A Part
  12. The Future (Symphony)

This album is one of the many new attempts to intersperse multimedia with music. The first track is a CD-ROM graphic novel playable only on a IBM compatible PC and the remainder of the album is accompanying music to fit the mood created by the graphic novel. The music varies from very creative ambient techno with strangely entrancing male vocals to piss poor rap techno with the same vocalist. While the music remains dedicated to the genre it is so widely varied in quality at times it makes the album practically unlistenable. The concept and talent are present on the album but the music needs a great deal more work in places. Perhaps if the band quit trying to duplicate ClockDVA and created a sound for itself it might gain a stronger lyrical quality and the half of the album that drives the listener into fits of grand mal seizures can be rewritten to fit the rest of the album.

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, DC 20044


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