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The Maul: Noise Ltd.

  1. Intro-duction 1:45
  2. Empty V Soul 3:46
  3. Fuck PC 3:08
  4. Head Like A Hole 3:28
  5. Reminder 4:26
  6. Tired 3:33
  7. Noise 0:11
  8. Trust 2:52
  9. Falling Down 4:04
  10. Psychotic Town 5:06
  11. PNK 96 3:15
  12. Nightmare 4:24
  13. Death of Beautiful Guitars 4:08
  14. Dans Les Prisons De Nantes 3:18
  15. Slow Motion 4:48
  16. Kurzschluss 4:14

The Maul is rather eclectic synthcore, noise band from Switzerland. The music swerves back and forth between electronically influenced guitars and thundering waves of feedback and noise. The only constant on the album is the short duration of the tracks and the socio-political nature of the lyrics. A large percentage of the tracks even have a very anti-capitolist feel to them and yet they even perform a less than noteworthy cover of 'Head Like A Hole' by Nine Inch Nails. Overall I think the key problem with this release is in it's inability to choose a singular musical genre and stick with it. Each tracks spends way too long veering off on pointless tangents that it has no time to retain any central cohesiveness. As a result the contiguity suffers and the album seems more like a compilation of individual artists rather than a single band.

The Maul are:
Mr. Teen - vocals, programming, bass, guitar
Marcus Perroud - sampling, special guitar, tapes
Steve Karrer - metal, drums
Kris K. - guitar, bass

Liar Records
c/o Marin Engli
Uetlibergstrasse 135


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