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Matrix: Demo

  1. Humanity
  2. Convergence
  3. Give

Matrix is an aggressive Electro trio hailing from an obscure New York town. While they have been compared to such accomplished acts such as X Marks The Pedwalk and Covenant, I can't see these comparisons. In my opinion, such uninformed opinions unfairly place this band at a level of skill they haven't quite reached. While the programming and production are excellent, the lyrics are a bit insipid and could use some work. The band uses all electronic sound to its advantage, but they need to use original sounds. A few of the snare drums and synth lines I've heard in other places, which is perhaps where some of the band comparisons originated. Overall, Matrix is certainly a step above the average newcomer with their tight arrangements and complex sound structures. They just need to fine tune their music in a few places.

Matrix is:
John Sepulveda - vocals, programming
Steve Coates - keyboards
Bob Ludeman - keyboards

1362 Richland Blvd.
Bay Shore, NY 11706


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