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Mentallo & The Fixer: Burnt Beyond Recognition

  1. Tachyon
  2. Crypto-Anarchist
  3. Mother of Harlots
  4. Goliath
  5. Radiant
  6. Crypto-Anarchist (The Second Death)
  7. The Enlightenment
  8. Lightyear
  9. False Prophets
  10. Other World Technology
  11. Abandon All Hope

Mentallo & The Fixer return with their first full length album in years, unfortunately it will probably disappoint many fans. Instead of moving in a more aggressive direction, the Dassing brothers have chosen to stress more of the melodic portion of their music this time around. Personally, I think it gives a great deal more personality and passion to the music as well as showing off some rather excellent programming skills. However, those people looking for heavily laden vocal samples or a lot of strong lyrical tracks are just out of luck. "Burnt Beyond Recognition is almost totally bereft of vocals samples and in the handful of tracks that actually have lyrics, the vocal sections are used more as another instrument then as true vocals. As a result the album is full of rather complex instrumental pieces that exhibit the duo's rather impressive collection of electronic instruments, but do little to appease the club crowd. Overall, I think that perhaps this is for the best, because it means that Gary and Dwayne Dassing are still making music for themselves and not for drooling fanboys who yearn for the next club hit single.

Mentallo & The Fixer are: Gary & Dwayne Dassing

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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