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Mentallo & The Fixer: Centuries

  1. Other World Technology (Har-magedon)
  2. Other World Technology (Crytik-cut)
  3. Lightyear (Equation)
  4. Stellar Cascade (Spore-print)
  5. Other World Technology (Re-mix)
  6. Other World Technology (Mescal-Mix)

The sibling duo of Gary & Dwayne Dassing return from over two years of silence with this new single taken from their new album. The first thing you notice upon listening to the single is how different it is from previous material. The title track, 'Other World Technologies', is the most club friendly Mentallo song to date. 'Lightyear' & 'Stellar Cascade' seem to lack much of the signature Mentallo keyboard sound as well. However, this is just a single, and after a brief chat with Gary, he assures listeners that this single is totally different from their upcoming album. "Burnt Beyond Recognition", will most definitely be the next logical progression as a followup to the mind boggling "Where Angels Fear To Tread". So sit back and enjoy the novelty of a Mentallo single getting some good club plays and wait their fifth album with anticipation.

Mentallo & The Fixer is: Dwayne & Gary Dassing

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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