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Mentallo & The Fixer

  1. Wicked + Extra Sensory Perception
  2. Perish In Peril + Acoustikal
  3. Mesaline
  4. Narcotic
  5. Doomsday Accelerate
  6. Perish In Perl
  7. Wicked
  8. Clusterfuck
  9. Contiuum
  10. Narcotic + Crystal Methane
  11. Peril
  12. Natalia
  13. Wicked + Psychokinetic

'Continuum' is a collection of older tracks and remixes from the past two Mentallo & The Fixer albums. All of these tracks are what remains of the early days of the band and have been remastered along with previously unreleased instrumental material to complete the release of all of their back catalog of old tracks. Many of the tracks are not in the typical MATF style and were inspired by various emotional transitions and experiences which occurred to the band throughout their past. Several remixes of various tracks were also included in order to make the album feel as more of a complete package. It seems that 'Continuum' was released in order to pacify rabid fans who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the brand new MATF titled 'Burnt Beyond Recognition' which will be released sometime in 1996. You need to have an open mind when listening to some parts of this album. Some tracks have the distinct MATF feel to them and others are quite unlike anything else they have ever written before. Don't think of 'Continuum' as the followup album to 'Where Angels Fear To Tread' but more of a greatest hits & misses compilation released so that the fans might have an idea of where the band has come from musically in it's long journey to it's present incarnation.

Mentallo & The Fixer are: Dwayne & Garry Dassing

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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