Mentallo & The FixerAlbum Cover

Mentallo & The Fixer: Where Angels Fear To Tread

  1. Gargantua 2:32
  2. Decomposed (Trampled) 6:32
  3. Sacrilege 4:07
  4. Bring To A Boil 9:27
  5. Virtually Hopeless 4:43
  6. Coward (Submerged) 6:17
  7. Ruthless 5:38
  8. Afterglow 6:28
  9. Battered States of Euphoria 5:58
  10. Abominations Unleashed 4:47
  11. Dead Days 4:29
  12. Atom Smasher 6:18
  13. Power Struggle 2:49
  14. Sacrilege (Grimpen Ward) 5:44

This is one of those albums I'd like to be buried with so that I can spend the rest of eternity listening to it. Take the absolute best qualities of bands like Skinny Puppy, XMTP, Front 242, and add a programming genius behind the keyboards and you've got an album to die for, literally. The musical style while having a number of obvious influences is unique to itself and it not a rip-off of any kind. It's not often that you find a band with such an astute sense of direction coupled with an a cohesive album concept and musical style. It's obvious how much work the band has put into this album from the very first track. I'm in the process of finding other records by this band with the hopes that I will be graced by more of the same wonderful motif, and I recommend that you do the same.

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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