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Martensville: Universal Daycare

  1. Alberta Eugenics Board 3:56
  2. Old Yeller 3:31
  3. Major Credit Cards Accepted 4:24
  4. Pressure System 4:39
  5. Shiftwork 4:10
  6. Local 4 3:57
  7. Love Into You 5:16
  8. The Shining (Dies Irae) 3:54
  9. Theme For The Special Olympics 3:53
  10. Sandoz 3:45
  11. Luddite Hack 3:24
  12. Statistics 2:02
  13. Car Crash 3:39
  14. Mates 3:37
  15. Dupont 3:27
  16. Socio-Economics 101 4:43
  17. Aphasia 3:46
  18. Muscle Relaxant 4:55

This release covers a wide range of musical styles throughout its entirety. From slow dark brooding guitar pieces, noise with samples, guitars over dance tracks, and great deal of cymbal percussion thrown over the top of everything. Overall, the CD is very slow, dark, and brooding without being gothic. Comparisons might include several slower Godflesh tracks, to a sample heavy Swamp Terrorists track. Slow grinding guitars with artificial symbols seem to be the mainstay, almost like a cross over to industrial grunge.

No real tracks seem to stand out, as the sound tends to blur together from too much repetition. There is a message behind the music, but unfortunately it can't quite be made out behind all that guitar noise. The music kind of leaves the listener lacking something, as it is not fast enough to dance or thrash too, or slow enough to be ambient noise. It sort of hangs clotted together in the air, full of angst. Interesting, but tiresome.

Martensville is:
Moron - guitars, programming, keys, vox
Randall - vox, guitars, keys, programming

Produced by Martensville and Peter Jonassen
(C) 1993 Vinyl Communications

Vinyl Communications
P.O. Box 8623
Chula Vista CA, 91912

C/O Moron
P.O. Box 40122
905 Gordon St.
Victoria, B.C.
V8W 3N3


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