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Mark 13: Survival

  1. Mission To Mars 8:35
  2. Stratagem 4:08
  3. Turbulence 3:36
  4. Implant 4:00
  5. Poppin'Out 5:11
  6. Neuritis 2:52
  7. The Secret of Pain 4:09
  8. Dissolution 5:47
  9. Creed 5:00
  10. Abrogate 2:44
  11. Population Control 3:54
  12. Scimitar 4:32
  13. Regress 5:28
  14. Cyber Christ 4:03
  15. Instability 7:32

Ack! It seems that the price of musical equipment has fallen so dramatically lately that any two bit hack can throw together an electronic composition and release an album. In the case of Mark 13, it seems that they have taken to brewing the music of all of their favorite bands into one large pot and then releasing it without forethought so that it ends up sounding like the most cliched and derivative album I've heard in years. Not to mention the fact that every single sample present on this album has been used by a myriad of other acts so many times that they cease to have their intended effect. I swear if I hear one more band sample Hardware or Hellraiser, I think I'll go postal on them. Needless to say, Mark 13 desperately needs to find a sound of their own because with "Survival" they sound like a band Electro tribute band.

Mark 13 is: Brian Sparks

Linear Records
305 Vineyard Town Center
Suite 231
Morgan Hill, CA 95037


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