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Marc McNulty: Powdered Iron Rods

  1. N-Type-Region 6:49
  2. Field-Effect 3:49
  3. Internal View 9:07
  4. Standing Wave 11:42
  5. Aging of Signals 25:42

Packaged in a metal tin is Marc McNulty's debut release. This 500 count limited edition release consists of five audio experiments in waveforms, sound fields and aural regions. While technically Ambient music, don't pigeon hole Mr. McNulty into the same realm as artists like Steve Roach or Robert Rich. This music is completely artificial and based on scientific principles. The music is rich in deep bass tones that serve as a foundry for the core complex sound waves. Drones, pitch spikes, warbles, and generated tones all percolate and permeate the music, flittering into the mix randomly and colliding with each other. The liner notes explicitly state that all elements on this CD are from elements from our pre-atomic days. This definitely explains all of analogue textures on "Powdered Iron Rods". One wonders what other tools Marc used because it appears that many elements were sampled and a sampler has only been in existence for the last two decades.

Plate Lunch Records
114 N. Edison Ave.
Tampa, FL 33606-1434


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