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Mara's Torment: Dreams Like Mine

  1. Foam
  2. A Pantomine Drug
  3. Beguiled
  4. Another Wish
  5. The Attendant
  6. Musing
  7. Chris
  8. Flange
  9. Sweep
  10. Moody
  11. The Reach
  12. Baghdad
  13. Novacaine

Mara's Torment is a very 'pretty' band, comparable to many of the Projekt or 4AD Records acts. All thirteen tracks are instrumentals of varying length, mood and instrumentation, sharing a common theme of beautiful orchestration, arrangement, and style. Each piece consists of slow melodies, unusual percussion, timpani, and lush keyboards. "Dreams Like Mine" is an album best suited for home listening on a rainy day. Its beautiful compositions mesh perfectly with a natural backdrop of the Earth cleansing and revitalizing its teaming variety of life almost like it was meant to be a soundtrack.

Mara's Torment is: Rik Maclean

Mara's Torment
2 Manning Ave #1
Toronto, Ontario


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