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Mentallo & The Fixer Meets Mainesthai: s/t

  1. Rapid Suffocation (Lesionary Mix)
  2. Decomposed (Grimpen Ward)
  3. Bleek Seclusion (Immaculation)
  4. Sacrilege (Angel of Death Mix)
  5. Grim Reality (Malnourished)
  6. Battered States of Euphoria (Acoustical)
  7. Wartime (Basket Case Mix)
  8. Spectral (Angel of Death Mix)
  9. Powerstruggle (Tribulation)
  10. Therapy (Session)
  11. Therapy (Molestation Mix)
  12. Y (Mama's Crazy Kitchen Mix)
  13. Exit (Stage Left)

Reissued five years after it was released without permission by Zoth Ommog Records, the Mentallo & The Fixer Meets Mainesthai remix album finally appears as a finished product. Originally, the remix collection was sent to the German record label as a work in progress, but was released anyways much to the Dassing brothers discontent. The new version finally meets their stamp of approval, remastered to include several new tracks and the removal of a handful of others. After all the trials and tribulations, however, my two favorite tracks are still the Basket Case remix of 'Wartime' with its brutal cadence and the Tribulation mix of 'Power Struggle' with all of its Demon Seed samples. If you have been desperately searching for this out of print album you can now find it domestically on Metropolis Records.

Mainesthai is:
Michael Green - vocals
Dwayne Dassing - guitars, programming
Gary Dassing - programming

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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