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Main: Firmament III

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What amazes me is that Main can go through three albums, all with the same prefix title and incremented suffix. Robert Hampton even relentlessly titles all of his tracks sequentially in Roman numerals. You can't be more eccentric of a musician that that. On "Firmament III", the ultimate recluse musician Paul Schutze provides samples for two tracks. This mildly distracts from the sonically altered guitar drones that make up Main's music. With the exception of the first tracks, the compositions are an epic length collection of drones, washes, treated chords, and almost inaudible hums. Main must have graduated as valedictorian at the Brian Eno school of Ambient music to be this good.

Main is: Robert Hampton

Beggars Banquet
2 Eden Street, Kingston-Upon-Thames
Surrey, KT1 1EE
United Kingdom


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