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Leaetherstrip: The Rebirth of Agony

  1. You Know Where To Put It 4:20
  2. Life Is Painful (Bastard) 5:00
  3. Switch On - Switch Off 4:41
  4. Lies To Tell 5:35
  5. My Mind Is My Master 5:18
  6. How Do I Know? 5:30
  7. The Edge Of Anger 5:21
  8. I Want You Hard 4:17
  9. Take Care Of Me 5:26
  10. Anger Is A Part Of me 4:50
  11. Make My Blood Boil 4:43
  12. Fool! 2:53

Once again Leaetherstrip has taken yet another right angle in terms of musical direction. As with the last album Claus has removed vocal modification of any kind in favor of his natural vocal styles. The primary effect this has is to remove much of the upbeat nature of the music and instead make it very depressing and angstful. Then then electronics drop to the most minimal level since his first release, which makes it ultimately sound like a stripped down, and uncompleted work. A few of the tracks do still contain some of the famous club appeal that Leaetherstrip broke for European electro acts. Yet the majority of album would be more appropriately labeled electro goth due to the use of macabre and monotone programming methods. Unfortunately I think will turn away a large portion of Leaetherstrip's fanbase as a result due to the drastic change of style and tone.

Leaetherstrip is: Claus Larsen

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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