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Leaetherstrip: The Legacy of Hate & Lust

  1. Down There With You 6:17
  2. We Need a Life 5:07
  3. The Darkness End's The Day 5:57
  4. I Wanna Hate You 5:14
  5. We're Losing Time 7:25
  6. Whisper Your Poetry 4:28
  7. Come Out Tonight 4:07
  8. I Won't Look Back 7:02
  9. I Try - I Die 4:41
  10. No Rest For The Wicked 5:25
  11. 6/13/94 5:01

To begin to listen to this CD, first simply ignore the fact that you've heard Leaetherstrip before and begin with a clean slate and an open mind. Claus has moved into a totally different musical style with advent of this new album. Gone are most of the snarling vocals, the dancefloor energy and high EBM tracks. Instead Claus has chosen to sing most of the tracks on this album with his own unaltered voice while using much of the strong symphonic keyboard work that was so prevalent on 'Serenade For The Dead' and he even goes as far as writing several love songs on the album. However many of the positive musical strengths, the musical composition skill, the brilliant genius that Claus has exhibited in the past are still present. Albeit, if you are looking for a repeat of 'Solitary Confinement' or 'Underneath The Laughter" you won't find it, as long as you go into this CD with any preconceived expectations of repeats of previous work and if you enjoyed 'Serenade For The Dead' you'll enjoy the totality of this album.

Leaetherstrip is Claus Larsen

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