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Leaetherstrip: Double or Nothing

Disc 1

  1. Torture (a suicide note)
  2. We Deserve It All
  3. Dead On Arrival
  4. Don't Tame Your Soul (Spoken Version)

Disc 2

  1. Crash Flight 232 (Original Version)
  2. Battle Ground (KGB Slam Edit)
  3. G.A.W.M. (remix)
  4. Leaetherstrip Part II (Album Version)
  5. Japanese Bodies (12" Mix)
  6. Razor Blades (Go Berserk)
  7. Adrenelin Rush (Veggaer Version)
  8. Touchdown Breakdown (Album Version)
  9. Leaether Strip Part 2 (1988)
  10. Die Die Die (Completely Dead Version)
  11. Body Machine Body (Live)
  12. Japanese Bodies (Live)
  13. Razor Blades (Live)

Once again Cleopatra takes a wonderfully put together package, and decides to throw us all for a loop again. This time Cleopatra has repackaged the Leaetherstrip _Positive Depression_ EP, and added a second disc full of remixes, rarities, and live tracks. I can't decide if I should be upset, or glad that a package like this is available at cheap domestic prices. As for the music, the first disc is varied work. Most of the tracks sound as if they could fit on either _Serenade For The Dead_ or _Underneath The Laughter_. Another very strong showing for Claus Larsen, however the spoken track can't but leave me wonder if we'd all be better off if Claus simply stuck to singing instead of speaking to his music. The remixes on disc two are mostly compiled from various compilations from the previous five years. I've heard most, if not all of them, before on various places and they ceased to be anything special. The live tracks were impressive for their age and sound quality. Overall this double CD is at least worth the domestic price for the first disc, and the novelty value of owning a compiled version of Larsen's career. Diehard fans will want to pick this up, but if you already own all of Claus's music, save your money.

Leaetherstrip is: Claus Larsen

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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