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LD-50: Firmware

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Calling LD-50 an industrial band would almost be like calling nicotine non-addicting. You can't really prove it to be true, but you have your inclinations. Instead you might be better off trying to describe LD-50 as a fusion of funk, samples, and bizarre guitar work that feels like a blow to the head. Sure a large number of the more modern elements of industrial musics are present, the nonconventional vocal style, oddly arranged vocal samples, a strong political stance, and guitar blitzes that run parallel to the electronic work yet the final product ends up sounding more like out of practice rock band than anything. LD-50 seems to be lacking any sort of solid cohesive sound and the music ends up sounding like a loosely coupled arrangement of eclectic instrumentation. Perhaps the inclusion of Clark ov Saturn formerly of Electrode Dingus 2026 will spark the band to formulate a positive musical direction.

LD-50 are:
Robert Betts - programming, percussion, noise, keyboards and vocals
Mark Melville - guitar, keyboards, noise and vocals
Chris Tafoya - bass, drums and noise
Clark ov Saturn - sax, percussion, sounds, noise and vocals

1644 Pennsylvania #2
Denver, CO 80203


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