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Gangwar: Psychodalek

  1. Psychodalek
  2. The Downblade
  3. Moses Gun
  4. Metalloid
  5. Chemical Erection
  6. Voodoo Skin
  7. Edie
  8. Am I Receiving
  9. Azrael

With "Psychodalek" Gangwar has totally completed their transition from a beleaguered electro goth outfit to an upbeat dance club phenomena. "Psychodalek" is meant to be listened to in concert with a companion novel written by the bands lead singer. Both are an intriguing exploration into the mind of schizophrenic living in London and at times both seem to be almost autobiographical in nature. It is quite obvious the effect that the rave and gabba scenes in Europe have had upon Gangwar. Long complex percussion loops dominate the music and are extensively mixed with less blatant percussion rhythms to formulate a steady dance beat that isn't overpowering or tedious. The music could almost be considered a type of New Age techno, tempered by the age of the artists and their musical origins. This allows Gangwar to forsake the traditional tenets of rave music and explore more of the ambient trance region while still heavily relying on vocal work to round out their music.

Gangwar is: James Ray, John Bainbridge & Damon Vingoe

James Ray
15 Knook Village


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