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Gangwar: 3rd Generation

  1. Cobalt Blue
  2. Sinner
  3. Fueled Up
  4. Take It
  5. Third Generation
  6. Blue Lover
  7. Strange
  8. Luxury
  9. Ridge

This album marks a sudden musical departure from what you have come to expect from Gangwar in the past. Gone are the gothic overtones and guitars and instead in their place are 100% electronics. However, James still sings like a classical goth male and at times it has an extremely odd effect on the overall prescence of the music. It simply isn't natural to have that deep of a voice and try to sing along with contoured electronic techno music. Luckily he doesn't feel the need to sing in that tone of voice throughout the entire album and restrains himself to a slight whisper most of the time. Overall the album is very mellow and tempered without much focus on trying to appeal to a club type of crowd. Gangwar still seems to be clinging it's gothic roots but one can hear them slowly slipping away by the vast influence of the European electronic music scene. Either way, it's an interesting transition album for those who would like to cross the line between the gothic darkwave genre and the more upbeat dance industrial scene, which is something few bands have been able to accomplish.

Gangwar is: James Ray, John Bainbridge & Damon Vingoe

James Ray
15 Knook Village


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