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Iron Lung Corporation: Big Shiney Spears

  1. Don't Touch Me 1:33
  2. Pretty (Like A Porn Star) 4:35
  3. Crobar America 4:06
  4. The Greath Nothing 4:44
  5. Chemikaze 4:15
  6. Frozen Shallow 4:20
  7. (Theme From) Iron Lung 2:09
  8. Skirt 3:47
  9. Join in the Muderous Chant 6:52
  10. Witchita 9:26
  11. Sick 2:18

What do you get when you mix the musical mischief of Acumen and the diabolical intensity of Clay People? Well, you end up with inanely silly covers of Nitzer Ebb tracks and really odd electronic pieces along side the usual array of guitar fanfare. This bizarre collection of artisans is better known as Iron Lung Corporation and the mayhem present on this record is something to watch with veiled amusement. There are plenty of the usual tongue in cheek lyrical wonderments as well as a healthy dose of chunky guitars to thrill the headbanger in you Jamie Duffy even gets a track all to his own to terrify and surprise all those guitar purists. The only downside to this album is that there really wasn't enough collaboration. All of the tracks either sounded like Acumen outtakes or solo efforts by various members of both bands. Overall there is very little material on this record that all six members contributed to equally. As a result, the album appears very lopsided in places, and should probably be considered as a new Acumen release rather than a collaboration effort.

Iron Lung Corporation is:
Etahn Alien - drums, guitars
Brian Justice - guitars
Kidd Vicious - guitars
Nez Pierce - bass
Lex - machines
Justin Tate - vocals
Jawson - vocals, machines, guitars

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San Diego, CA 92117-3432


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