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Indian Rope Burn: The Big-Bang Payoff

  1. Strike
  2. The Big-Bang Payoff
  3. Praying Mantis
  4. Send It Down
  5. Drive a Stake Through My Heart, Kitty!
  6. Which Oswald Acted Alone?
  7. Money Shot
  8. Spontaneous Combustion
  9. Dreamland

Remember the days of youth when a friend placed two hands right next to each other on your forearm and twisted violently in both directions? Ah, the memories of a good old Indian Rope Burn, a violent trick played as a child but something not quite politically correct in the nineties. The new album by the band Indian Rope Burn is much the same way. A virulently insipid which attacks your musical sense from multiple directions daring to drag you down into the midst of the crowd we call society. Once again Indian Rope Burn does their absolute best to try and conform to any musical label you might super glue to their foreheads. Instead choosing to writhe back and forth across the electronic wasteland dragging it's faithless listeners kicking and screaming through the torrid problems of the heartland trying to give them an education they should have already received as a child. The carefully crafted final product serves as an excellent example of art medium which serves to educate the distraught youth in hopes of forcing them to accept the reality which they have no choice but to exist in instead of denying it.

Indian Rope Burn are:
Clay Mation - vocals, samples
Mike Crooker - guitar, keyboard, samples
Gerard Dominick - bass
Bob Szeles - drums
Jim Guinn - percussion
Jason Dutt - lead guitar
Gloria Williams - backing vocals

Indian Rope Burn
P.O. Box 1784
Kent, OH 44240
(216) 673-6196


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