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Intonarumori: Sound Collages 1991-94

  1. Focus & Decay
  2. Constant Bit Select Of A Vector Net
  3. Organ Piece
  4. Milling Direction Is Illegal
  5. Uniform Random Variables

Intonarumori is the solo project of Kevin Goldsmith, owner of Unit Circle Records. You might also recognize him from his work as The Unit Circle on the RMI Mind/Body Compilations as well. This particular release is a collection of old recordings dating from 1991-94 which are mostly extended sample and noise collages. Kevin seems to heavily favor piano keyboard presets and documentary vocal samples for much of his work as well as environmental samples of weather and traffic. Intonarumori does reminds me heavily of Illusion of Safety because of the similarity in sound construction techniques and sample sources but it is not a clone by any means. Kevin uses much less feedback and more natural instrumentation that IOS ever used. In any event, this tape is highly suggested for sound collage and sample buffs as evidence on how to properly fashion such compositions.

Intonarumori is: Kevin Goldsmith

Unit Circle Records
P.O. Box 20352
Seattle, WA 98102


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