I Have No Soul (demo)

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This demo is a loosely arranged collection of untitled ambience experiences which attempt to venture into a realm which has become exceedingly overpopulated as of late. There is nothing strikingly original about any of the pieces of music present on the tape but yet I can respect the creative foundation which the music has been written upon. By composing and distributing a concrete piece of music the artist can achieve constructive criticism upon which to further continue his musical foray and perhaps a nudge or two in the direction where faults and strong points occur. Perhaps the strongest point of this demo is the fact that the artist doesn't feel the need to constrain his music with frivolous titles which would mean nothing due to the scope of the music which lack lyrics of any kind. Not all of the music present on this demo is 100% ambient, pieces of the tracks venture into the dub oriented arena with the implementation of a structured beat instead of a nonstructured array of sounds. The demo itself leaves the listener wondering quit what they have experienced and rather unsure if they indeed want another fix or should scamper away into someone elses studio for musical enlightenment.

I Have No Soul is: Ateet Tuli

Ateet Tuli
415 Treyburn Drive
Knoxville, TN 37922

E-mail: sumeet@utkux.utcc.utk.edu

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