3D House of Beef: Crowning On a Ferris Wheel

Side 1

  1. Slow Color Orgasm 3:11
  2. Slump 7:15

Side 2

  1. Howway Texas 7:?? +
  2. Question 7:?? +

My suggestion is to skip the first half of this tape entirely and concentrate on the chaos ensuing on the second. The entire first half of the tape is horribly produced garage punk with second rate guitar noise, but the second side is another world altogether. Large chunky vesicles of noise irradiate forth from the shattered container of a fractured world. Thundering noise structures bellow outward threatening to disintegrate all those foolish enough to stand in the way. Next time perhaps the band will skip the metal regurgitation and go straight for more noise, we can only hope and pray.

3D House of Beef
P.O. Box 1660
Duvall, WA 98019
(206) 844-2321

E-mail: nialm@microsoft.com

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