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Guinea Pig: Taken Below (Mixes)

  1. I Feel 0.51
  2. Taken Below 4.26
  3. Taken Below - Settled in Silence 5.11
  4. When Things Aren't Settled 8.09
  5. Taken Below - 12" 5.30
  6. No Shame 2.54

How do you describe a band who quite obviously has spent a great deal of time in the past few years blasting Nine Inch Nails all over the place? Well, Guinea Pig fits the description quite accurately. The band has unwittingly opened themselves up for camparision with Trent with this single. Now this isn't this isn't necessarily bad, but with the recent use of NIN as a derogatory statement meaning no talent, the band might have volunteered for an experiment they won't survive. The vocals tend to be very softly spoken, resembling typical Haloblack lyrics. The guitars are ever present, but not in your face or blatantly sampled. On a very positive note, just like NIN, the remixes of Guinea Pig's music are usually better than the original track, and we get four remixes of the same track on this single. So, if you're in the mood for someone who follows the cult of Trent almost as much as Trent does, you might want to check this band out.

Guinea Pig Live are:
Mark Elliot
Eddie Riva
Victor Thomas

Guinea Pig
122-03 111 Ave.
Queens, NY 11420-1415
(718) 845-2339


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