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Gridlock: The Synthetic Form

  1. Frantic 3:57
  2. Halo (Rebirth) 3:18
  3. Sickness 4:53
  4. Pulvis Et Umbra Sumus 3:14
  5. Retina 3:17
  6. Wound 5:16
  7. Burn 6:03
  8. Ich Dien 6:24
  9. Only Living Witness 4:17
  10. Thin White Line 4:48
  11. Regret 5:47
  12. Burn (Mantra) 5:45
  13. Frantic (Stark-raving Mad) 3:52

It's about time someone found out about San Franciso's most well kept secret. This Bay area duo has deserved a record deal since the day they released their first demo tape. Incorporating complex string arrangements, caustic beat structures, and non-standard time signatures, Gridlock have taken the Industrial world by storm. Unfortunately, Pendragon Records has chosen to market them as a cross between Skinny Puppy and Haujobb which really doesn't do justice to any of these three great bands. Yes, the similarities are present, but the core essence of Gridlock is quite unlike anything else currently on the market. At the drop of a hat they can jump from a groove suitable for club play into a complex ambient dub soundscape right out of your worst nightmare. The other thing I really respect Gridlock for is that while "The Sythentic Form" contains five of the six tracks from the original demos, all of those tracks have been radically reworked so that the entire album sounds fresh and invigorating. Mark my words, Gridlock is a band whose name you will not soon forget, so make sure you listen to them now before they become hip and trendy and you'll have to deny ever owning their record.

Gridlock is: Mike Wells & Cadoo

Pendragon Records
P.O. Box 388
Yardley, PA 19067


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