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Gravity Kills: Manipulated

  1. Here (The Hell Everyone Misses Remix) 4:30
  2. Here (Mark Saunders Remix) 4:14
  3. Enough (Al Jourgensen remix) 7:04
  4. Enough (Critter's Carnal Remix) 4:24
  5. Here (Done Brothers Remix) 5:00
  6. Blame (Phentinol Warzone Pharmaceuticals remix) 4:36
  7. Down (Praga Khan Jungle Remix) 4:25
  8. Down (Lords of Acid Power Remix) 4:30
  9. Enough (Martin Atkins White Light Remix) 5:58
  10. Enough Extrinsic Remix) 6:58
  11. Enough (P.M. dawn Expanse Remix) 4:47
  12. Guilty (Juno Reactor Remix) 6:18
  13. Guilty (Roli Mosimann Remix) 6:17

Where you hear the name Gravity Kills, what comes to your mind? Boring, highly derivative, and unimaginative music which borrows heavily from a genre that band refuses to associate with itself? Yet, when their music is placed into the hands of someone more capable, the material suddenly moves into a new level and springs to life. Overall the best remixes on this EP are those done by studio engineers and producers. The Critter remix of 'Enough' totally reworks the chorus and throws in a new female vocalist for most of the lyrics. All of the original vocals and loops are then relegated to the back of the mix which totally changes the overall meaning of the track. On the Martin Atkins remix of 'Enough', the track is stripped down to it's bassline for the first few minutes, and slowly other parts of the song filter into place so that just as the song finishes, it ends up in it's originally intended form. With luck, Gravity Kills might learn a thing or two from these remixes and release a semi-palatable album on their next attempt.

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