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Gravitar: Chinga Su Corazon

  1. Alpha-115 15:39
  2. Evil Monkey Boy 4:39
  3. God Speed 5:49
  4. El Melveno 4:34
  5. Grasshopper 2:17
  6. One Fifth 4:00
  7. Bludgeon 12:47
  8. Moist 17:02

After a long hard attempt to classify this music in any category, I decide to give up entirely. Guitars are obviously present, but they are the guitars you hear on the radio. Try to imagine a mix of grunge echo, then throw in K.K. Null, and Jim O'Rourkes treated guitar on the side, and some live percussion, and you might begin to understand what you listening too. Organized chaos might also be a good oxymoron to use as the guttural lyrics spoken in what might be tongues, okay so it's just bad distortion, wash over the garage band experiment that is Gravitar. The sound is so unique, that you can help but enjoy playing it loudly over the neighbors Led Zeppelin just so they can begin to understand how a guitar should really be utilized. This album is definitely an acquired taste, but once you throw out all traditional theories of 'music' you can begin to appreciate audio nightmares exhibited by this band. A must for all guitar noise enthusiasts, or those wanting to torture the Top 40 neighbors.

c/o Eric Cooker
129 Gunson #7
E. Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 332-2089


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