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Gracious Shades: Aberkash

  1. Tragicc
  2. This Blackness
  3. Amie
  4. Her Fiction
  5. White Satan
  6. All I've
  7. Take From The People
  8. Pain State
  9. Heavn Gives Morphine
  10. Aberkash
  11. I Hate People
  12. Closure

Gracious Shades have composed some of the most utterly disconcerting and at the same time remarkably profound dark electronic music I've heard recently. The lyrics speak of horrible personal tragedy and are the most pure emotional honesty I've heard. If even half of these lyrics were from personal experience I can't help but feel sympathy for whomever they occurred. The majority of this album makes me want to let forth the beast from within and try to gain some type of retribution for the crimes committed against the innocent. "Aberkash" seems to be a personal look into the mind of a criminal and the insanely deranged things one might do if inflicted by this social disease. The speed of the music varies between a fever pitch and a elusively slow mood which is just waiting to pounce the listener at each available moment. The false sense of an adrenalin rush more than makes the album a worthwhile experience. The next time you need a thrill, give this album a try, it might just do more for you emotionally than the latest daredevil sports rage.

Gracious Shades are:
Scip - guidance, vibrations, life threatening situations
Eric Audet - cliffhanger, drums, bass (live)
Jason Park - samples, stage chaos
D. Alvarez - keys

21st Circuitry Records
P.O. Box 170100
San Francisco, CA 94117-0100
(415) 751-2001


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