Album Cover

Gossamer: The Zero Decade

  1. Entropy
  2. Constant Pain
  3. Her Ghost
  4. Taken
  5. I Once...
  6. Seven O'Clock
  7. Babble
  8. Black

There is a certain undefinable sense of depression and gloom exuded from this entire album. I'm not sure if I've heard such an disconcerting gothic act in quite some time. Just listening to the first several songs are enough to drag me into abject misery. Apparently Gossamer have been misinterpreting the melancholy side of gothic music quite a bit. Generally it is consider a bad idea to oppress your audience into a coma like state. Musically the programming favors the heavy use of strings and other airy elements, while the guitar plucks the heart strings out of all but the most vigorous. Now if the vocalist would lighten up a bit, one might at least be able to bear the burden of hopelessness incurred, instead of suffocating from the doldrums.

Gossamer is:
Adagio - vocals, base VI, Bass
D'rat - vocals, bass. guitars, keyboards
Gary Thrasher - guitar, e-bow, bass IV
Pickle - guitars, e-bow

P.O. Box 13618
Whitehall, OH 43212-0618
(614) 431-9193


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