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Gooding: Factory Blue

  1. Factory Blue 5:00
  2. Requiem 1918 7:04
  3. Dark Water 6:38
  4. Realization 3:49
  5. Liptunium 237 4:32
  6. A Kinder Future 3:47
  7. Sync 6:06
  8. Kingdom Come 3:27
  9. Anger Below 6:17
  10. Sometime I Wish 5:54
  11. Dreams Without Humans 7:24
  12. Dirge 6:40

"Factory Blue", the debut release by Gooding, is meant to be a soundtrack to an unrealized film by the same name. As a result, this album is much like Download's "Charlie's Family", in that all the tracks on the album are instrumentals, yet enough vocal samples are strewn throughout the release to piece together a surmised plot. Musically the album is very heavy on live and sampled percussion mixed together in varying degrees. The mood of the music ranges from intensely upbeat, to sadly morose and all points in between. Unlike many albums, this rapid change in mood works very well, because as the audience, we accept such changes in soundtracks, whereas for normal albums we think it makes the music sound disparate. What makes this album really amazing is the incorporation of some very soulful guitar sections that really add a overall strong emotive content to the music. Gooding is definitely a solo artist with a wide range of musical talent which he stretches to the extreme on this stunning release.

Six Sense Studios
346 Michigan
Lawrence, KS 66044


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