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Good Courage: New, Fixed and Remixed

  1. Did I Deserve This? (Mix I)
  2. Make Me Feel (Led Storm Mix)
  3. Did I Deserve This? (Aqua Slip Away Mix)
  4. Guilty On All Account (Room 101 Mix)
  5. I'm Not There (The Void Mix)
  6. The World Will Go On (Snowy Norway Mix)
  7. You Kill (Psychopomps Version)
  8. The World Will Go On (R'n'R Mix)
  9. Now I've Seen It All (Dying Inside Mix)
  10. I'm Not There (Gravitation Mix)
  11. Did I Deserve This? (Mix II)

What exactly can you say about a band that is so derivative that it doesn't contain a single shred of originality to it? All of the tracks are just reworked versions of the already bad knock-offs of Depeche Mode material. The EP title and cover are a poor duplicate of NIN's 'Fixed', the CD layout is a carbon copy of Nitzer Ebb's "That Total Age", and the band photos make Jacob Neis out to be the next Trent Reznor. They even label their albums following the same NIN 'Halo' scheme, in this case the EP is label 'Rust 4'. I suppose if you wanted to make your band nothing but a parody project all of these similarities would make sense. However, since there isn't a shread of humor present, instead it makes Good Courage look rather pathetic. It's one thing to ride on the coat tails of others to garner you success and it is another thing to pattern your entire existence after a handful of other projects in similar genres.

Good Courage is: Jacob Neis & Henrik Jensen

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd
Suite D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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