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God's Girlfriend: Whore Damage

  1. Whore Damage
  2. Octavia Sings
  3. Spookydance
  4. California Dreaming
  5. Lizard World
  6. Jean, I Think I'm Sinking
  7. When the Levee Breaks
  8. Blow Shit Up
  9. Bones (Archive)
  10. Octavia Sings (Archive)
  11. California Dreaming (Archive)
  12. Chainsaws Fucking

God's Girlfriend is the solo project of noted drag queen Birgit Brat. This debut album, while technically the first God's Girlfriend release, is actually a collection of material from 1991-97. As a result at times the album seems very disjointed and non-cohesive because all of the material doesn't necessarily flow well together. Musically the album goes all over the place from guitar centered pieces, to distorted electronics and even a noise collage or two. There is even a cover of the classic Led Zeppelin tune, 'When the Levee Breaks'. Perhaps the most impressive element of this album is the vocal work of Brigit. (S)he has an extremely dynamic range when she allows her throatwork to remain unmodified. Of course she also uses a great deal of various vocal treatments throughout the album making her vocals even more diverse. Overall a very intriguing album by an extremely odd persona. It should cater to fans of very dirty feedback Industrial sound while still retaining enough appeal for guitar crossover junkies as well.

God's Girlfriend is: Brigit Brat

Tinman Records
P.O. Box 1114
New Brunswick, NJ 08903


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