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Godflesh: Songs of Love and Hate

  1. Wake
  2. Sterile Prophet
  3. Circle of Shit
  4. Hunter
  5. Gift From Heaven
  6. Amoral
  7. Angel Domain
  8. Kingdom Come
  9. Time, Death and Wastefulness
  10. Frail
  11. Almost Heaven

Having been away from the grind core scene and Godflesh in particular, I wasn't sure what to expect on this new album. After a quick listen, it was obvious that Justin had mellowed quite a bit from the days from the bygone days of "Pure". The same grinding guitar chords that Justin has made famous are used throughout the entire album, but this time the overall mood of the entire album is somber and morose. The electronics are almost used as much as they were on "Streetcleaner", albeit a little more cleaned up and better produced. The rest of the album is fresh and totally unexpected. Industrial it is not, but instead a bizare mix of morbidity and doom. I can't decide where exactly Godflesh intends to go with this release, but I'll tell you one thing, it's one of the most innovative and new turn of events that a entrenched grind core band has taken in years. So if you acquire a copy for yourself, keep an open mind, and a staunch listening ear and be ready for slightly different, yet reticent Godflesh.

Godflesh are:
Justin Broadrick - guitars, vocals
G.C. Green - bass
B. Mantia - drums, percussion
Machines - samples, drum machine, synth

Earache Records
295 Lafayette St
Suite 915
New York, NY 10012


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