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globalWAVEsystem: HypercriteP

  1. Cardboard Box
  2. Crush the Viper
  3. Dissent
  4. Life and Works
  5. Fountain
  6. LXII

Abandoning the cheesy Skinny Puppy schtick and a few band members, globalWAVEsystem return to the scene after five years of silence. This six song EP demonstrates the band's musical growth during their half decade of downtime. The time away from music allowed the band to shed their influences and find a unique sound. My only complaint is the vocals. Every single track contains a religion theme which brings to light too many oppressive moments from my childhood. While it is obvious that the band has chose a path of true faith, and I laud them for their ability to shed all doubt, it isn't something I personally need to experience again. For me, the lyrics totally ruin the excellent programming and concise percussion. However, I will chalk it up to my own personal demons rather than blame the band who only write music with nothing but good intentions.

Flaming Fish Music
9 Koidern Ave.
Whitehorse, Yukon
Y1A 3N7 Canada


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