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Glampire: Pretty Scary

  1. Give In Give Up
  2. Headspace
  3. Refuse to Believe
  4. Beat You At Your Own Damn Game
  5. Set Yourself Free
  6. Trick On My Skin
  7. Breakable
  8. Monsters In My Head
  9. Right Mind State
  10. Consider Me Dead
  11. Invincible

"Pretty Scary" is the second release from New York's Glampire which is still looking for a label. My first suggestion is to remaster the album before label shopping. There is an inordinate amount of hiss and tonal distortion between the bass and treble. Musically, the CD is almost identical to Glampire's debut release with a bit more guitar, thicker electronics, punchier drums, more masculine vocals, and a faster tempo. My first assumption is that David Jahn acquired a new studio full of equipment because the music sounds limited by the skills of the mastering engineer rather than by physical constraints. If you enjoyed Glampire's first album, then you will certainly enjoy "Pretty Scary" as it finds its way into public consumption.

Glampire is: David Michael Jahn

J-Bird Records
5 River Road, Suite # 301
Wilton, CT 06897

E-mail: none

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