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Glampire: The Beginning of Terror

  1. The Grey Light of Pre-Dawn
  2. Our Drugs
  3. Punishment of Memory
  4. Numb & Blind
  5. The Heart Lives Hungrily
  6. Bow Down
  7. I Know This Feeling
  8. Harder Than Any Enemy
  9. Slave to My Fate
  10. Finally Arrived

Unlike the atrociously cliched band name Glampire, the music on "The Beginning of Terror" isn't trite or derivative. The eeriest thing about this album is the androgynous nature of the vocals. While Glampire is a solo project of a single male, the vocals are extremely feminine. The predominant instrument of the album is an electric pian, used on almost every track to give each composition a classical feel combining with the rigid percussion, synthesizers and occasional guitar riffs. Most of the album has a gloomy and melancholic mood which fits the Darkwave and Gothic vocal themes perfectly. So, ignore the cheesy name of the band and grab this album because it's quality Darkwave nutrition will satisfy your musical needs.

Glampire is: David Michael Jahn

J-Bird Records
5 River Road, Suite # 301
Wilton, CT 06897

E-mail: none

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