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Gitane Demane: With Love And Dementia

  1. Gloomy Sunday
  2. I Only Have Eyes
  3. Tales of Innocence
  4. Somewhere
  5. Possession
  6. Cool Domina
  7. Tongue of Fire
  8. Perv
  9. Lament
  10. Sleepwalk

A breathtakingly stupid live performance by Gitane Demone ex member of Christian Death. The fact that anyone would even think to attempt lounge act goth sickens me, let alone actually go though with it. I'm suddenly reminded of Bill Murray on Saturday Night Live performing his lounge act spoof and realizing that even he did a better job without any musical talent whatsoever. As I slowly douse the album with lighter fluid as to not pass this disease along some other unsuspecting lout such as myself I suffer a fit of apoplexy and am left drooling in the middle of the living room floor trying to smash my head into the stereo to turn this atrocity off before the rest of my body rebels against me.

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