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Gawk: Iron Mushroom

  1. Not Lame
  2. 1/0
  3. Delaware Pig Attraction
  4. AADG
  5. Shark's Carpet
  6. Fungal Meteor
  7. Fur Ball
  8. Disposition
  9. Roudness
  10. Moose Water
  11. Heavy

Gawk is a heavily rock and punk influenced New York quartet who leans towards a more experimental edge with their music. Chosing to work solely on their music instead of spending time on lyrics the album is also totally devoid of structured vocals. Much of the album sounds improvised and has a very live feel to it. As a result, many of the tracks are very grainy and full of dirty noises instead of the usual perfect recording quality. Unfortunately the songs lack any solid melody or sense of atmosphere and as such the music ends up sounding flat and dull. Perhaps adding a bit more structure to the music and maybe regular vocals would liven up the mix because the album in it's current state is far from catchy enough to retain my attention for more than five minutes at a time. Seeing as I'm one of the most patient people that I know of when it comes to music, I can the most listeners drifting off to sleep rather quickly, which is definitely something that should be avoided at all costs.

Gawk is:
Marc Sloan - bass, devices, modified electronics,
Joesph Trump - drums, percussion
Alexander Smith - sampler
Gregor Kitzis - violin, electronics

c/o Ment Media Group
P.O. Box 481
New Tripoli, PA 18066


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