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Freak's Amour: Descartes' Rose

  1. Oil Pan of Her Soul
  2. Dog Pookie Buries His Bone
  3. Agony of Modern Music
  4. Bulb of the Sky Stamen
  5. One for Juanita
  6. Rat Fucking
  7. Nico's Song
  8. Fres
  9. Fluff Head Throw Doll
  10. Jesse Helm's Orgasm
  11. Pablo
  12. Giving Blood
  13. Isn't That
  14. Subway Morgue
  15. Jungle
  16. Descartes' Rose

The liner notes enclosed with this album state that: "Freak's Amour is the audio situation project of Stuart Werner. Audio situationism is an approach to music as sonic construction rather than as the tonal (or tonally composed atonal) product of conventional music theory. This method minimizes the necessity for technical manipulation of chords and notes on a particular instrument and allows the composer to arrange actual sounds. An instrument is treated as a sound generator and, conversely, non musical sources of sound are treated as instruments." With that in mind you need to throw away much of what you think is conventional music in order to truly appreciate sonic envelope which is being pushed to it's limits. The album is a classic industrial fans dream come true. Huge ranting tirades of vocals combined with enough found sound to make an antique collector jealous produce raucous cacophony which gives me a migraine every single I time I try to sit through the entirety of this album. In fact, I'm getting so ill just listening to album at the very moment of writing this review that I'm going to have to quit typing and mediate in a quiet room to rid myself of the ringing in my skull.

Freak's Amour is: Stuart Werner

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