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Foetus Symphony Orchestra: York

  1. Black Adonis
  2. Crumpled City
  3. Puddlin" Doorway
  4. Egomaniacs with Insecurity Problems
  5. Arschficken

Jim Thirlwell returns after his less than triumphant jaunt for Sony Records with a brand new album and yet another project moniker. This time he has chosen the record under the name Foetus Symphony Orchestra which certainly explains the large number of classical instruments used on the album. "York" is a project that is intended as a travelogue by composed by Jim Thirlwell & Lydia Lunch of their experiences while living in the Farragut Housing complex under the Manhattan Bridge overpass. The entire album, consists of pre-composed themes and concepts that were performed as a live improvisation inside the Brooklyn Anchorage venue located inside one of the pillars of the Brooklyn Bridge. Musically the album is a mixture of spoken word, improvised atmosphere and an overall feeling of paranoia about the authors past experiences in one of the worst neighborhoods in New York City. Die-hard fans, or anyone who has enjoyed previous collaborations between Mr. Thirlwell & Lydia Lunch, will definitely want to acquire this album for themselves. Anyone else who has enjoyed some of the coarser Foetus material is warned to stay away because this album is quite unlike any other Foetus related release with perhaps the possible exception of Steroids Maximus.

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New York, NY 10013-1085


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