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Empirion: Advanced Technology

  1. Narcotic Influence 1 6:45
  2. Advanced Technology 9:28
  3. Ayahuasca 6:45
  4. PH1 6:34
  5. Quark 11:22
  6. Narcotic Influence 2 5:55
  7. Ciao 9:30
  8. Jesus Christ 7:44
  9. New Religion 10:31

Riding on the coat tails of the current Electronica craze are Empirion. However, like many of the bands who suddenly spring into existence during any one of the numerous English music invasions, Empirion does not seem predestined to remain in the limelight for long. Not only does the music lack any certain 'hook', but it seems to become monotonous and drab after a few listens. A portion of this can be attributed to the overall lack of musical depth present throughout the album. Most of the tracks fail to expand beyond a simple bassline and a handful of simplistic snare and kick drums loops. The other key problem with the music is that it lacks lyrics. While purely instrumental bands thrive in Europe, American audiences have always required their musicians to vocalize via lyrics to have any lasting influences on the culture. As a result Empirion is a band that may exists in the happy medium of Electronica in Europe, but is doomed to fail with audiences on this side of the ocean.

Empirion is: Bobby, Oz & Jamie

XL Recordings
17-19 Alma Road
London, England
SW18 1AA


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