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Electro Assassin: The Divine Invasion

  1. Cyberchrist 7:47:20
  2. Bodyhammer 5:58:12
  3. Shoemaker Levy 9 3:17:23
  4. Dreamweb 5:45:10
  5. Beyond Salvation 7:32:03
  6. Nova Mob 4:53:21
  7. Voyager 7:10:18
  8. A Scanner Darkly 4:13:01
  9. Cybernator 4:57:19
  10. Earthseige 3:42:05
  11. Total Body 5:55:20
  12. The Divine Invasion 5:00:01

Electro Assassin has finally grown up with the release of 'The Divine Invasion' the first in a three part series of concept albums due out within the next few years. They have forsaken the inane samples and pointless lyrics of previous albums and focused their new work entirely on a dark cyberculture concept which has become immensely popular recently. The musical growth exhibited by Electro Assassin within the last several years has been nothing less than astonishing. The maturation process from a cheesy synth-pop band into a quintessential cyber EBM band with sturdy roots in sound layering which could almost be called ambient for lack of a better description. However it is difficult to see where Electro Assassin might develop from here as they always seem to be about four to five years behind the current electronic music schtick, but it just goes to show you that you cannot simply rule a band based on one album because the band is liable to get fed up with it's musical style and evolve itself into something much more aurally challenging.

Electro Assassin are: Richard McKinlay & Kevin Gould

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, D.C. 20044
(202) 783-0044

Licensed from:
Cyber-Tec Records
P.O. Box 108
South District Office
Manchester, M20 OAU


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