Dead Letter Office (demo)

  1. Nicotine
  2. The Miracle Baby
  3. Angel's Ice
  4. Stayin' Alive In Hell

Ghastly waves of feedback, crooning vocals, and cacophony of the most extreme nature ripple through my speakers as I digest the music. Dead Letter Office has been worshiping at the altar of Throbbing Gristle and has developed an aurally offensive tonal quality that grinds at my very inner core. It's very difficult so sit through the entirety of this demo without violently trying to clear your ears of the ringing that ensues after the first several seconds. The lyrics are of the usual dark angstful nature dripping with ichored sarcasm and deceit. The only saving grace of the tape is last track which is a ironic twist of the seventies disco classic "Staying Alive". The track gets massacred with overdubbed vocals and noise samples while the original version of the music plays aimlessly in the background ending the demo with some sense of relief that perhaps the artists don't really take themselves as seriously as one might think.

Dead Letter Office is:
John - bass, vocals, lyrics, drum & keyboard programming
Jennifer - guitar, vocals, lyrics, drum & keyboard programming

Dead Letter Office
722 Dennis Ave.
Silver Spring, MD 20901
(301) 681-6257


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