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Daft Punk: Homework

  1. Daftendirekt 2:44
  2. WDPK 83.7 FM 0:28
  3. Revolution 909 5:26
  4. Da Funk 5:28
  5. Phoenix 4:55
  6. Fresh 4:03
  7. Around The World 7:07
  8. Rollin'& Scratchin' 7:26
  9. Teachers 2:52
  10. High Fidelity 6:00
  11. Rock'n Roll 7:32
  12. Oh Yeah 2:00
  13. Burnin' 6:53
  14. Indo Silver Club 4:32
  15. Alive 5:15
  16. Funk Ad 0:50

While Daft Punk is described as the next Chemical Brothers, a quick listen to the album suggests that this description is horribly invalid. Not only is there a total lack of melody, and an inordinate use of preset samples, but you can't even dance to it. The music is minimal at best and is chock full of samples taken from more places than you can possibly imagine. Daft Punk is more like a funky, watered down version of Kraftwerk than any future sucessor of the Chemical Brothers phenomenon. As a result the entire album sounds horribly dated and might as well have been released as a seventies disco album than a nineties 'electronica' record. If you are looking for a band to dance to then don't buy this album, but if you are looking for a nostalogic look at the seventies funk, disco scene written on the original equipment then Daft Punk would be just perfect for you.

Daft Punk is: Thomas Bangalter & Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christie

Virgin records
338 N.Foothill Road
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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