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Cydonia: Indoctrinate

  1. Indoctrinate
  2. Sun Devil
  3. Sentient

Cydonia is a very intriguing mainly instrumental electronic project based out of New York City. The brief three song EP is meant as a sampler for the forthcoming full length album on Tinman Records that will be released shortly. In places Cydonia reminds me a great deal of a cross between SpineFolder and Noisex. Musically most of the tracks utilize some of the harsher edge of noise acts combined with upbeat and aggressive electronic percussion to create a unique sound. Lyrics are used sparingly, sounding more like spoken word samples than actual vocals at times. Another strong feature of these tracks are the use of both minimalism and multi-layered effects to break up the music in places. It allows for subtle shifts in the overall mood of the music without causing any sudden jarring effects by dropping BPM suddenly. Overall not a bad demo, but it could use a bit cleaner production and mixing process which will probably happen on the debut album.

Cydonia is: Anthony Leone

P.O. Box 1228
Cooper Station
New York, NY 10276-1228

E-mail: none

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